Eastwood Medical Center
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About Us

Mission Statement:
  • Here at Eastwood Medical Center, Dr. Gibson and staff strive to provide the most extraordinary patient-centered care experience possible. It is our duty, pleasure, and honor to serve each and every patient with dignity, integrity, and respect
  • To work diligently and provide its clientele with healthcare services which are qualitatively excellent, accessible, and affordable


  • To position ourselves as the leading provider of care in the local medical community, providing referral services of a general and specialty nature


  • To provide medical care in a manner that places the highest value on human dignity in an environment which is professional, caring, and friendly


         Dr. Janet Gibson D.O.
Board-Certified in Family Practice Medicine 

Doctor of Osteopathy: Michigan State University's College of Osteopathic Medicine

Bachelor of Science:
Medical Science, Boston University

American Academy of Family Practice

Michigan State University Medical School - St. Joseph's Hospital

Internal Medicine at Detroit Medical Center, Wayne State University Medical School, Osteopathic Medicine at Michigan Osteopathic Medical Center

Professional Affiliations:
American Academy of Family Practice, American Osteopathic Association, American Association of Osteopathic Physicians, Florida Osteopathic Association, National Medical Assoociation, and The Capital Medical Society

Hospital Affilitaions:
Tallahassee Memorial Hospital and Tallahassee Community Hospital

Director & Actual Success Story:
All-natural, doctor supervised weight-loss program



                                                            Serving The Tallahassee Community and Surrounding Area For Over 15 Years 
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